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From Kindergarten to college, our students find the services they need to overcome their unique obstacles to academic success.  We offer affordable, at-home tutoring for all ages and disciplines.
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Thank you for bringing the tutor into our daughter's world. The progress she has made is truly amazing. And the reason for this progress is very much based on the relationship that she and her tutor have enjoyed over this school year.

As you know, it's one thing to point out that academic test grades have gone from failing to excelling, from the 40th percentile to 90's and above. More importantly, we've learned a lot about our daughter's learning style, and this example of "one-on-one" is the perfect manifestation of what it takes for this kid to learn and experience mastery.

Her perspective on school, her life, and entire definition of self has grown by leaps and bounds, right along side of the tutor, sitting 'round the kitchen table - and our daughter continues to blossom - each day, in many ways as a result of this terrific friend and teacher in her life.

Anyway - these are some words - the feeling I want to convey is thanks and gratitude. This service you provide, and the tutor herself have made a tremendous difference in our family's life.

Brian, Parent, Washington, DC

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Michael is a southern native now calling Washington, D.C. his home. He prides himself on being comfortable and versatile behind the drum set in a wide variety of musical situations - rock, jazz, metal, funk, top 40, afro-cuba ... more
Michael Ounallah
Michael Ounallah
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